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2:44 p.m.

On Saturday I got a random text message that was meant for someone named Tia. I couldn’t tell who it was from, and it said

Congratulations, Tia! We’ll have to go out for drinks sometime.
So I decided to screw with whoever it was who had the wrong number and I texted back
I’m sick with the stomach flu. There’s corn ALL OVER the bathroom.
The girl wrote back
I hope you feel better soon Tia! By the way, the baby is really cute.
So I confessed and told her
Sorry, I’m not Tia, you must have the wrong number.
And she wrote back that she was my sister’s friend who I met a long time ago, and she was calling me “tia” because that’s Spanish for auntie. And I’m a new auntie because my sister had a baby on Saturday! She is very premature and weally weally wittle but we’re hoping for the best.

I’ve been missing Austin, Texas, lately and I was looking at a SXSW site, scrolling through the pictures and I thought “hey I know that guy” and it was Ben Lashes. Weird that I know him from here and saw pictures of him in Austin. Universes collide! We saw Grindhouse this weekend and Death Proof had the strangest visceral effect on me. It captured the feel of Austin so well I could almost smell the lake smell and the bat shit under the bridge and especially in the scene where it rained. Very weird, and good, and the best movie I've seen in a very long time. Now I want some Shiner Bock.

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